Victorian Silk and Burr Oak Acorn Emery Pin Cushion

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Such an array of marvelous antique emeries and pin cushions out there! I've seen some making use of walnut shells, but this is the first I've seem make of a Burr Oak acorn, which I love for its delicate spiky texture, almost like a durian fruit. And, if you look at it from the bottom of the acorn end, it looks like it has a little face, with the stem making a nose! And, with some green ribbon around the middle, it looks a bit like a strawberry too. The things people once invested so much care into making never fails to amazing me.

1 7/8" x 1 5/8" and in good condition, with light general wear and a bit of staining to the silk; stable and sound and not very delicate. Shot with 2-3 times magnification.