Victorian Braided Hair of Caspar and Cora Wood with Cut and Woven Paper Heart

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I've been keeping a keen eye out from Victorian hair momentos, as well as for cut and woven paper hearts, so when I found both together in this one, I snatched it up immediately. Often these are found in pretty rough shape today, but this one was beautifully preserved, included the tiny pink and white paper heart, so finely done. I also like that Caspar Merritt and Cora Marion share the same initials; I believe they were likely brother and sister, and though I have found a record of Cora Marion born in Worcester, MA in 1860, I've found none for Caspar Merritt. That, and the fact that I've found nothing on her other than date of birth, make me think this is likely a mourning piece and dates to the 1860s.

Perfectly housed in an antique wooden frame with a hanging loop on top. Framed size: 6 15/16" x 5 3/4" x 13/16" d. Some age toning to the faintly lined paper but overall very good condition and just lovely.