Victorian Braided Hair Hearts Momento Mori

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I've been keeping a close eye out for Victorian braided hair momento, so was thrilled to find this delicate, unfussy example preserving several pieces together under glass, two of them carefully woven into hearts. Likely these were done as mourning braids, but I believe these were also made with hair of the living. It appears that the larger heart may have been made with two or three different locks, perhaps representing sisters, or mother and daughters. In any event they're all memories now, held together here between paper and glass with brown ribbon edging for the past 140 years or so I'd guess. I must say holding this is one's hands feels pretty special. 

4 7/16" t x 3 1/8" w. There is a clean chip to the glass at upper left corner and fraying to the the fabric around the edges of the front. There is a small loop of thread at the top center of the back that could be used for hanging.