Victor Gordon's Hand-carved Wooden Jackstraws in Double Sided Slide Top Box

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A fabulous set of old wooden jackstraws, made by a Victor Gordon, who proudly noted so on the slide type box, which I'd guess he made as well, underlining "Handmade" for emphasis. Almost all of the pieces--shaped like arrows and paddles and bows and spades--have a number value written on one side, which would be the number of points one gets for successfully extracting them from the pile. One paddle shaped piece has a bent nail attached to served as the hook, which works quite well; this is a good set to actually play with. And it definitely saw play--there is scorekeeping recording on the interior of the box and underside of both lids (both sides of the box feature a sliding top, so it can be opened from either side.) Really a charming set.

Box measures 5 7/8" l x 2 1/2" w x 1 1/2" t. Jackstraws average about 4 1/2" l. Overall good condition, early 20th century I believe. Some pieces show tiny holes in the wood and a few show a little loss at one end.