Viavi San Francisco Capsules Cannister

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The purpose of Viavi Capsules, in a wooden canister with a wonderful label c. 1920s or earlier, is a bit of a mystery. Viavi, based in San Francisco, produced a number of different products, most of which seem to have had to do with women's health, though even in their day the company--owned by real estate magnates Herbert and Hartland Law-- seems to have been quite elusive about what their products did exactly. These capsules were intended as a vaginal suppository, with proper administration detailed in the instructions on the canister, and there is some speculation they may had an abortive function. An article by Paul Collins published in Cabinet Magazine creates an compelling portrait of the company and speculation around their products...all making this antique Viavi canister quite an interesting little piece of history and mystery!

Now empty of any capsules, the canister measures 3 1/4" tall x 1 5/8" in diameter. In good vintage condition, with just a bit of tearing to the paper label in a few spots.