Very Used Partial Set of Antique Milton Bradley Geometric Solids in Original Box

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These old Milton Bradley "New Forms and Solids Improved" blocks are a mess: drawn on, beaten up, and I think a mish mosh from a couple of different sets, with many of the forms detailed on the lid of the box long since gone. But I still love them, including for the fact that surely they were used in a classroom, with some of the writing on them detailing various romances (Wayne + Joyce for ex. plus a few different couples identified only with initials) along with various doodles, a smiley face, and the phrase "eat me" on the short end of one. The points of a few of the cones are no longer pointy, and the box too has lost one top edge and features a hairline split along one side of the lid, but this set does have more than its share of cylinders and hexagonal prisms, which, along with the rest surely someone has use for!

Box measures 9 1/4" x 6 1/4" x 4". Photos show all blocks included as well as condition of box.