Very Unusual Antique Sailor Made Macrame Basket (Ikebana-esque Form)

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I'm a big fan of old sailor made baskets--in part because I really love the idea of men at sea sitting around doing macrame in their spare time, making gifts to bring home to their sweethearts. (Akin to spruce gum boxes, scrimshaw, etc.) But this one is unlike any other I've seen, very very close in form to a Japanese ikebana basket, just made of rope rather than bamboo, making me think the sailor who made it had sailed to the far east and was recreating the form. Can't know for sure, but most definitely an unusual one, entirely rope with varnish over top to stiffen it.

7 1/4” t x 4” widest, 3 3/8” in diameter. Very good antique condition, with wear here and there to the finish.