Very Sweet Old Handmade White Rabbit Child's Hot Water Bottle Holder

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I just could not resist this one, made by hand in the 1930s or 40s I believe, to hold a child's hot water bottle--which it very much still could do, though now one could also just stuff something in it and hang it, or arrange it among a few other stuffed creatures.  The neck of the rabbit was left un-sewn at the front so as to cover the neck of the bottle, and then tucks it with underneath the tie at the front, keeping the bottle snug inside. The existence of things like this just makes me happy.

10 1/2" t top of head to toes, not including floppy ears! 5 1/4" w.  Great condition, clean and white, with no holes or tears. There is a pink sequin sewn into on one eye but just a red stitch on the other.