Scarce Fred S. Gichner Iron Works Knights in Armor Bookends

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So fun, I couldn't resist these--who doesn't need a knight in shining armor, or two, around?

And turns out the Gichner Ironworks, which produced them, was quite notable--opened in Washington DC in 1899 by Fred S. Gichner, a Jewish immigrant from Austria, who went on to design fine ironwork grates, fences, and more for the White House, various embassies, and well-appointed homes all over town. During World War II, when local construction was stalled, Gichner offered his company’s services to the war effort, for which he was awarded the Army Navy “E” for Excellence prize in 1943. ( The firm’s output can be traced in part through research into the files at the DC History Center and the Library of Congress, which holds many of his architectural drawings for signage and other ornamentation around the city.)

I believe these likely date to the 1930s-40s or so, and can find no other pair out there like them. Terrific combo of silver knight against that green paint, and each stamped Fred S. Gicher Ironworks Washington D.C. just below the knight. 

Each 4"t x 4" w x 3" d and in very good condition. Heavy enough to make quite effective bookends.