Very Primitive, Heavily Worked Working and Weighted Duck Decoy

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The more battered the better for me when it comes to old decoys-- it's the one's that wear their work on their backs (literally) and that show all sorts of losses and/or repairs that I find most appealing, both aesthetically and empathetically! This one is most definitely one of those, with holes and bent nails scattered across  its carved, black painted body, and a head that seems perhaps to have been salvaged from another and crudely nailed on, making it feel like a bit of a Frankenstein. There's lots of wear along the piece of wood to which the head is nailed, but it's holding one, and I love the effect. And with its old lead weight still on the underside. Found in Maine. 

12" l x 5 1/4" w x 6 1/4" t. Very much as found condition.