Old, Charming Handmade Kewpie (?) Doorstop

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There are so many great old handmade wooden doorstops out there, which I rarely resist grabbing when I see them, but this I believe is an especially old one, and the first I have seen featuring this character. (Plenty of cats, dogs and dutch children, but I can't find another anywhere with this one). I believe it is likely a very early  iteration of the kewpie, which first gained popularity as comic strip characters invented and drawn by NYC-based writer, illustrator and cartoonist Rose O'Neill, first published in 1909. (Later there would be kewpie paper dolls, then bisque dolls, etc). 

At any rate, I think the combo of mauve + black striped hat and creamy white alligatored paint of the face (and underneath of the coat revealed as the wind catches it) is pretty hard to beat, all the better for the precisely painted little eyes, ears, and collar. Plus big fat old nails at the base, connecting to the cutout to the doorstop piece. Quite a cutie! 

10 1/4" t x 5  1/4" w x 7 1/4" deep. The nails connecting the cutout to the doorstop piece are a little loose but will push back in all the way if they wiggle out a bit. A little paint loss around the edges and sides as pictured.