Very Old, Carved and Jointed Large Bear with Great Smile!

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This old guy is about as tender as they come, and though made of wood one really wants to snuggle him! I found him in New Hampshire and have never seen another similar made of wood, though the form of his body certainly reminds me of those fur covered wind-up mechanical bears made in Japan, which walk with just to the sort of slow, lilting pace I think this one would have if he were to start walking! Clearly he was made with a great deal of love, and quite a long time ago.

The wood is wonderfully aged and weathered, with what I think are some worm holes on the right back foot and bleeding from the fat old hand-forged iron nails holding his body together. There are several holes at the top off each leg where it joins the body;  these might all once have held pins/metal rods, though now each leg is attached at just one point, by a rod (maybe a replacement), that runs though the body. It holds them on very well--this bear is very sturdy and all the legs move smoothly, and independently. He measures 11" long x 6 1/2" tall x 3" wide and weighs in at just a bit shy of a pound and a half.