Very Large Antique Pen and Ink Bull Portrait in Period Frame

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When I spotted this bull from quite a distance in Vermont this past week, I had two immediate thoughts. First, its scale and pen work made with think of Spencerian drawings minus all of the calligraphic flourishes--which seems right when rendering the proud head of a bull! Second, as someone who spent many years living in Kansas City, I thought this one really should find a home in the midwest, perhaps ideally on the wall of an old school steakhouse, where it might become something of an icon. It's hard to convey scale in photos, but the size of this really gives it quite a presence, and the eyes of this sensitively rendered creature really follow one around the room! (They certainly did me, refusing to allow me to leave without taking him home.) To my eye and sensibilities, really a special one. C. 1900 or so I would guess. 

Sold în the very substantial solid wood frame in very good condition I found it in, oak I believe, which I think suits the drawing perfectly. Framed: 30” x 26 1/4”. Drawing itself: 23 3/4” x 19 7/8”.  Light scattered foxing to the paper, and some staining along the left and bottom edges, noticeable but I don't find detracting. Wired on the back for hanging. Some glare from glass captured in a few photos.

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