Long Limbed, Very Flexible Old Folk Art Jig Figure with Marvelous Face and Ears

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My favorite of the week--a total charmer I think, and unlike many jig dolls, every joint has a full range of motion, so he is very versatile in terms of posing! Perhaps his arms were replaced at some point as they are of a slightly lighter wood--but they have good age to them if so (with a few fingers lost), and suit him perfectly. Wonderfully soulful and gentle looking painted face with red mouth and inset bit of wood for the nose, which perhaps once extended but is just right now as it is. And best of all, those ears. With long and lanky proportions making him feel quite balletic, and also highly empathetic and expressive. Total love.

10 1/2 t x 2 1/2 w x 7/8 d and in very good condition. Early 20th c. or so, I believe. Sturdy and sound, not at all fragile, with some dark spots to the wood of his torso, all to the good I think. Clearly I enjoyed photographing him--great fun to pose and very expressive!