SOLD (SA) Victorian Oil on Linen Portrait of Black and White Spaniel, 1882

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This is, hands down, a wonderful painting. The sort of painting that makes me think of a luxurious, richly decorated room, old leather and wood everywhere, walls perhaps painted a deep burgundy and hung with dozens of antique dog portraits in gilded frames. But even amid many, I do think this painting, elegantly and dexterously capturing one handsome, highly prized, regal but gentle looking Spaniel (I think), would surely be my favorite! 

Oil on linen, in original gilded wood frame, and I would think British, though it was found in Massachusetts. There appears to be a signature in pencil on the back of the frame, though it is difficult to read the writing, and date '82 to the right of signature. There are four corner pieces screwed to the back of the frame with a June 1885 patent, so I am confident 1882 is the date of its making. 

There is one small tear in the canvas-a clean, short vertical tear--about parallel to the dog's eye, midway to the edge, and some scratches and scuffs here and there, showing white. All of these more or less fall away once hung--the painting is truly radiant, and perfectly enhanced by the gold frame, which is in excellent condition. 

16 1/4" x 13 5/8" framed. Canvas is 13 5/8" x 11 1/8".  Wired on the back for hanging.