SOLD Very Fine Victorian Hair Work Chain (Collar?) Presumed European

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I've looked at a fair amount of hair work, but I've never seen a piece of hairwork jewelry (maybe better to call it hair work lace?) as ornate as this one, which I am guessing was likely made as a collar, with one side clearly the face (front). It appears to me hair from at least three different people was incorporated--blonde, brown and black--with thread matching the shade of the brown hair used for structure and securing. I can't even imagine the skill and patience required to make something so fine--just look at those details, composed one strand of hair at a time. The manner if it makes me think likely Northern European, 19th c. I believe. 

20" l x 1 1/4" w and in excellent condition. I will ship in the glass fronted archival case I found it in to keep it safe and which could be used for display.