Verre Églomisé (Gilded Reverse Painted Glass) Lady Liberty

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One sees these old verre eglomisé--or reverse painted glass--panels around from time to time, salvaged from old clock faces or paneled mirrors, and usually I pass them by--but not her, who seems a much needed presence and herald at the moment!  I've not seen.another like this one, I'd assume French, representing a rather serene Liberty with her flag, banner, and wreath. Verre églomisé is itself a French term referring to the process of applying a design and gilding onto the rear face of glass to produce a mirror finish--of which this, with gold figure and silver border, is a very charming example. 

Just shy of 9" x 9" and in very good condition - no chips or cracks and very little paint loss. It shifts a bit in color and character depending on where it is positioned and how the light is hitting it, as is reflected in photos. (The best representation is the first image, where I shot it propped up with a little space behind it; the others I took of it lying flat against a white ground in order to better get details.) It could be easily framed, or else just propped somewhere.