V.L Davis's Handmade Frogs Box with Top Opening, Screened Sides and Carrying Strap

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Such fun to find this box in Maine the other day--I'd guess an older box adapted 80 or so years ago by a V.L. Davis to house frogs, which I can just imagine him, or her, spending many hours chasing around in order to catch then proudly drop into the cage through the crudely cut hole in the top. Perhaps they were caught to use as bait, but maybe just as pets, with the screens on either side and various drilled holes providing viewing windows as well as ventilation (I'd like to think our V.L just used this box, with handy leather carrying strap, to transport frogs from one location to another, better one!) Finger jointed corners, old green paint, and terrific red hand-painted capital lettering. Pretty fun.

9 1/2” w x 6 1/2” t x 7 7/8” d and in good, used and aged condition. Screen and strap well attached, hinges good, cover on top hole rotates all the way around easily. The seller I bought it from included a few rubber frogs, so they're included too--and I must say it gives one a bit of a start to open the box and find them inside!