US Embossing Co. c. 1940s Plyladisk Puzzle

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Great graphics on this Pyladisk puzzle box, produced by the US Embossing Co. in Albany, NY, which also produced the Color Cubes I love so much--and the blue and white star blocks and yellow stacking disks inside are pretty great looking too. Late 1940s/early 50s or so, I believe, and the name of the game is to move one complete stack of disks to another post without ever stacking a larger disk atop a smaller one. (Two pieces of twine taped to the inside cover of the box lid may be the trick--but maybe a way of cheating? I can't find another of these puzzles listed or mentioned out there anywhere so am not sure!)

Box measures 6 1/2" x 4" x 5/8". Some general aging to the cover of the box but all in very good condition.