Unusual, Very Old, Nearly Two Foot Tall Pine Whimsy with Interlocking Moving Parts

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Not an easy one to photograph as it stands almost 2 feet tall, but quite a wonderful, and definitely unusual, whimsy, unlike any I've seen. With a square base (it stands on its own) and tapering to a round bulb at top, it features four "cages" of sorts: one with with a squarish "ball", one with a "+" inside that slides up and down, and two with  carved parts that extend well outside the cages, one straight across, the other in all four directions. Photos tell the story best, but one of the things I especially like is that the positioning of the extending parts can serve to balance/lend stability to the whimsy as it stands straight up. Quite a thing, with a truly fantastic patina to the dry pine.

23 1/4" tall x 3 1/4" w and deep; not including the extending parts it measures 1 1/2" w + d. Very good antique condition, no losses, very sturdy.