Unusual, Elaborate andf Fine 19th C. Large Cut and Woven Paper Composition in Period Frame

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This is quite a special one, and quite unusual as far as I've seen--all finely composed of carefully cut bits of paper, including four diamond shapes very very finely woven like early woven love token hearts, but which I've never seen incorporated into such an elaborate sort of composition. 19th c. for sure, mid 1800s I believe and maybe even a bit earlier, beautifully done, in very good condition, with stunningly rich color--details give the best sense. I would consider this a love token of sorts, probably made by a young woman--and clearly invested with a whole lot of love! The dealer I purchased this from is a framer, and I believe recently placed it in this period frame with new archival backing and wire.

14 7/8 x 17 3/8 framed. Sight: 13 x 10 3/4. All in very good condition, professionally framed with archival backing.