Unfired Hand-Painted Clay China Marbles - Sold Individually

Regular price $6.00

My obsession with clay marbles led me to becoming obsessed with china marbles as well, which are the same consistency as the clay marbles, but are distinguished by their white color and decorations painted on them, frequently in patterns of fine lines like these, sometimes running in opposite directions and crossing, and sometimes with painted circles, bulls eyes, or flowers. While there are some much fancier, and many were fired to produce a shiny white glaze, I like the relative simplicity of these and find them really lovely. 

China marbles are highly collectible, with fancy ones fetching hundreds of dollars. I'm selling them individually but suggest getting at least a few together. Please indicate on your order if you have a preference for blue or purple. I will choose the best first and include the couple of lesser ones as bonus gifts. The marbles measure aporoximately 5/8" in diameter.