Two-Toned Wood Tramp Art Jewelry Box

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Snowstorms twice deterred me from getting to the consignment shop in Sudbury MA where I found this fabulous tramp art box, but when I finally made it,there it was, just sitting there waiting for me. Well worth the trip! 

Super sharp and with not a single bit of wood missing or out of place, I think it’s quite a beauty of a jewelry box, complete with an interior shelf and a bright pink curdoroy lining. I think it dates to the 60s or 70s, and really love the patterning of the blonde and darker wood--product of a very labor intensive effort, clearly, but so crisp and elegant it almost transcends its "tramp"-ness. Through all of these carefully laid bits of wood, one can glimpse a bit of blue background peeking through.

The box is in very good condition, with a little wear showing in a few areas on the top of the box, as documented. The lining is in very good shape, so tears or fraying, just a few small spots. The hinges all work great and the brass latch is perfectly attached and lays flush, but it does not seem to snap closed tightly (not sure if it ever did.) Really a fabulous piece!

13" long x 9 1/4" deep x 4 1/2" tall