Two Portraits of Mary -- Pair of 1910 Hand-drawn Pen and Ink Postcards

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I definitely think these two need to stay together! My favorite thing is the caption on the left one, where the BW who signed it first wrote Little Nelly, then realized they'd made a mistake and wrote in Mary, adding the note below: "excuse error entirely due to direction of thoughts." Well, I wonder who the Nelly was who he or she was thinking about! I think perhaps they felt a little badly about it, prompting a second card dedicated to Mary, envisioning her scarf transformed into a stole, and many more feathers on her hat, but still very clearly our little Mary! 

3 1/2" x 5 1/2" and in very good antique condition with unused backs. Minor staining and one light crease near the bottom of the older Mary card. Price is for the pair.