Two Kan-u-go Crossword Game Decks, c. 1930s, Complete with Instructions

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I bought these decks, housed in an old "Flinch" box, just because I thought the lettered cards were great looking, and was happy to get them home to find that both decks appear to be more or less complete, and include the original instruction booklet. While I have found some others of the larger, red-backed deck out there, I have found no other copy of the green-backed deck, which I believe are earlier, and which look just let the letters from old eye charts; really great. The way to play is pretty much like Scrabble without the board, which make these great for travel. But also surely all sorts of other uses for these great looking cards (including newly invented word games), too!

Large cards measure 2 7/8" x 2". Small cards 2 1/2" x 1 3/4". All in great condition. Housed as found in old Flinch box which shows some wear but is great looking too and perfect for storing both together.