Two Awkward Carved Nudes - ONLY LEFT NUDE AVAILABLE

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Right nude SOLD; Left AVAILABLE 

One of my favorite genres of carvings has definitely become what I'd call awkward nudes--clearly done with great care and sincerity, but not quite masterfully, with the faces especially betraying the idealized bodies and poses the carving was clearly hoping to achieve. For me, these embody a big part of what I love about folk art--the embodiment of lots of aspiration, hard trying, and very often "failure". And so while I'm selling these two separately, I do believe together they'd be a great start to an awkward nudes collection!:)

Ballerina measures 6 5/8" t x 2 3/8" w x 1 7/8" d. The other (who I think of as the dying fawn, after Michelangelo) measures 7" t x 3" w x 1 1/4" d. Both are in excellent condition.

Only the “ballerina” nude now available. PRICE is per carving.