Trompe l'oeil Carved Wooden Envelope

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I'm not sure if 3-dimensional objects can actually qualify as trompe 'loeil, but I'm using the term to describe this wonderful carved envelope anyway!  First, it is the size of an real small envelope, and second, the manner of the carving in relation to the color and grain of the wood creates the appearance of faux shadows (on top of real ones), crinkles, and the bulk of a letter inside. I'm not good identifying woods, but it seems an ususual one-- possibly an Asian/SE Asian wood, super smooth and I think naturally this variegated warm brown and near black. Really a terrific object that would be great on the desk sitting atop incoming or outgoing mail. 

The envelope is signed on one edge with what appears to be AW. It measures 5 7/8" x 3 3/8" x 3/8". Very good condition, with a little surface dryness/cracking and a very small water stain on the closure side, and I think a very tiny nick at the  tip of flap, very minor. On the reverse, there seems to be perhaps a bit of residue from a sticker in the top right corner, which suggests a postage stamp.