Trimmed and Partially Hand-colored 1912 Press Photo of Puma

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From the caption on the back of it, it seems this 1912 photograph was used for a Tribune story that somehow related to the relationship between Puma and elks ("the Puma, or mountain lion, was formerly the elk's worst enemy"--suggesting that either Puma's had decided to lay off elks or that a fiercer predator of elks had emerged.) Whatever the case, what a beautiful creature, certainly looking like the king of his domain here--and also in perfect parallel to the house cat protecting his spot on the sofa!

5 3/4" x 4", printed on paper, with glossy front. Hand-painted gray to the rock in foreground and also some painted darkening to the background at right. A couple of surface scratches, almost as if from the light trace of a razor blade.