Trees Framing Gate 1880s British Pen and Ink Drawing

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This drawing came from a portfolio of c. 1880s sketches by a British artist of whom only the initials E.G.H are known; the "Broomfield" scrawled at the bottom I believe refers to the location of the drawing- a hamlet in Wiltshire, England. I'm just completely taken with the intensity of the leaves on these trees, forming a dense, sheltering awning--I can just feel the relief from a summer sun that standing under them must have brought! I also really love how the gate, right at the center of the drawing, stands squarely in front of another tall tree--a true terminus indeed. I would throw this in a simple old frame and hang it on a wall where I could look at it a lot.

Approx 5" x 7". Good antique condition with a few stains and a little darkening around the edges, which I don't think detract at all.