Tramp-y Handmade Box with Interior Mirror and Dramatic Satin Lining!

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I'm rather obsessed with this tramp-y box, which I think would be absolutely the perfect one in which to present an engagement ring; humble on the outside, and over-the-top within! I'd guess 1940s or so, it's wonderfully decorated with of hundreds of tiny bits of wood, adhered mostly with nails it appears, though some glue too I think, with a great little triangular tab at top for pulling open the lid. And then inside, this lush, dramatic peachy-pink satin lining, still in near pristine condition, and a sweet little mirror to boot, framed by more sticks and bits! One of a kind most certainly, and most fabulous! 

It's not small - 4 7/8" wide and deep x 5 1/4" tall--so more than large enough for a ring inside a box inside, or a bunch of other jewels and precious things! Very good condition, with no loss of bits at all that I can see, and just a couple of small stains on the lid. Structurally super sound and sturdy.