Tramp Art Matchstick and Inlaid Wood Tray with Star Pattern

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When I spot a tramp art tray made of matchsticks like this one (very rarely!), I grab it immediately...and would probably push other people out of the way if I had to! I just love the linear patterns and texture created by the painstakingly cut and laid matchsticks, and think the double star design here, enhanced by strips of darker wood, is just striking. Plus, with a plate of glass inset over its face, it makes quite a handy tray for cocktails!

The tray is signed C.F Bragg on the back, with some other writing below the signature that I cannot make it; it may be an address. I would guess it dates to the 1940s or 50s. 

This piece is in very good condition, with no missing pieces at all, just a bit of dust/tiny bits of wood under the glass in one corner, a little wear to the dark wood on the exterior sides of the tray (I have not touched it, but it could be treated with a little scratch cover), and one corner of the cardboard on the back loose, which should be easily glued or taped back in place.  

It measures 20 5/16" long x 11 1/8" wood x 1 5/8" tall.