Trailer Space (Phone 35), Old Hand-painted Free-standing Sheet Metal Sign

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The lanky, creamy white hand-painted capital letters against rusty surface really do it for me on this sign, seeming just right for advertising a trailer space--and I imagine this sign sat right on the site of said space. The small "Phone 35" at lower right makes it even better--I'm inclined to think this is not as old as the era of two digit phone numbers (pre-1920 or so I believe), but rather existed within a rural community where multiple extensions existed on the same main line (?). As someone who sometimes fantasizes about buying a trailer and taking to the road (so as to go pick the whole country!) I see in this sign a sense of nomadic possibility and a certain sort of freedom. Maybe a good one for hanging on the wall in the airstream!

19 3/8" w x 14 7/8" t x 7 1/2" d. The sign is free standing , but it appears that with a little effort the two pieces on the back could be folded (pressed) down to allow it to be hung flat from the hook on top if desired.