Traditional Chinese Medicine: Fantastic c. Early 20th C. Notebook Full of Illustrative Drawings (Copy)

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AUCTION! (Bidding on instagram, or feel free to text or email.)

This is an earlyish 20th century Chinese notebook filled with 53 full page ink/watercolor/crayon drawings, pretty much each one as good as the next I think, though there are some standouts!

I’m not good at pricing notebooks/sketchbooks, and hate for things to move so quickly people don’t have a chance to consider them—so decided to handle this one as an auction.

>>Bidding starts at $100, proceeding in $25 increments. I will keep this listing and instagram post updated with most current bid. Bidding closes (Mother's Day) Sunday, May 12, 4pm ET; I will do a last call messaging active bidders at that time, asking for highest bids and then close it.

About the notebook: I am not in the least an expert on traditional Chinese medicine, and cannot read Chinese, but I am a devoted seeker of folk art drawings, and think these are marvelous! Detailed, often in wonderfully dramatic fashion, are various ailments and, I believe, the acupuncture points 


on the body corresponding to them, with text naming and detailing those issues, treatment points and their meridians. 

8 1/4 x 6 5/8. 53 full page drawings (with blank backs)  + 9 pages text. A little spot toning along right side of the pages, a bit more pronounced in photos than in hand, and I don’t think detracting. Overall very good condition, string binding holding well, ink and color strong and clear and paper not fragile.