To The Bon Marche, 1908 Hand-drawn Ink and Crayon Postcard

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The latest we see is a wonderful hat / And though fashion the ladies now chide / They mostly are longing, the thin and the fat / Their features to cover and hide.

Some creations we see like a basket of clothes / Carried jauntily perched on the head / And one that will cover the tip of the nose / is "the hat of the season" tis said.

Yet still there is something to say for the hat / And for woman own sake I must preach it / Which is - should a family be caught in the rain / Then the family can shelter beneath it.

Pretty clever, an a great accompaniment I'd say to this terrific drawing of woman in orange and purple, loaded up with hat boxes! And also a perfect embodiment of why I love these old hand-drawn postcards so much--such effort and creativity invested in sending a note!

3 1/2" x 5 1/2" and in very good condition. Postmarked 1908.