RESCUE: Tiny Blown Glass Hippo Figurine

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This tiny glass hippo, with quite a deck of teeth and fabulous little red tongue, is one of my favorites. I am not sure its maker of place of origin, but think he is pretty special. 

While it took me a while to notice it, one of the hippo's back feet is broken, so is more of a stump. He stands up just fine, and I believe this little flaw adds to its character, but for this reason I am making him a rescue.

As with all rescues, just send me an email at to let me know you would like him and what you wish to pay--nothing at all is ok, as long as you promise to take good care of him! I'll send you a direct link to complete the adoption.

He measures 1.5” tall x 2.25 long x 7/8" wide.