Lovely Small Tibetan Tsalki Watercolors - Sold Individually

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Though not at all my expertise, I do know that these small watercolors on heavyweight handmade paper are Tibetan Tsakli, or initiation cards-- produced as thematic groups or sets, they are traditionally used in initiations of young monks or during ceremonies as a visualization aid to invoke a deity or divinity or simply as a representation of the object of the offering ritual. On the reverse side of each is a handwritten inscription, I believe noting the placement of the card as part of the ordered set as well as relating to the offering depicted.  I am not certain of their age and don't have the knowledge to translate their meanings, but find them quite beautiful, rather magical feeling little paintings nonetheless, and with irregular edges and stains here and there visible on the backs, they certainly feel as if they been well handled.

As I do not believe this is a complete set, I am selling them individually; price is is painting. Please select how many you would like and indicate the letter/s in the notes field at checkout. 

Paintings measure approx 4 1/2" t x 4 1/4" w give or take a hair. Overall very good condition, with irregularity to the edges as evident.  I believe I have them correctly oriented in accordance with the placement of the text on reverse, but don't know for certain.