Three Women and a Bank Robber 1920s Pencil Drawing on Bank Stationary

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The drawing of the girl at the bottom--with fantastic skirt extending many times wider than her outstretched arms--is what first sold me on this, but really I think its perfection lies in the interplay of all of its parts.  I understand from the seller I purchased this from that the artist was an employee at the Bedford National Bank in Bedford, Iowa, and the use of the letterhead is definitely part of what makes this great, giving specificity to the masked figure at far right as surely a bank-robber! As such, the voluminous hoop skirt takes on the quality of a wall of defense, like a puffer fish blowing up, and is perhaps is the "after" version of the woman at upper left who has not yet glimpsed the robber. And then this great waif of a woman with crossed arms and pointed feet, who looks like she might just float away! 

8 1/2" x 11".  A bit unevenly trimmed along the left edge of the paper, and with one small hole to the left of the top left figure.  Otherwise a few scattered smudges and small stains, pretty minor--reads crisp and clear.