Three Keys on Ring Old Carved Wooden Whimsy

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I'm always on the hunt for interesting whimsies carved from one piece of wood; this is the first I've come across like this, which I love both for how nicely it is carved, and also because who doesn't want to hold the proverbial keys to the castle? With the keys knocking against each other when one shakes it, it also has a bit of a connection to whimsy rattles I think, and looking at that perfectly round loop holding the keys I can't help but to think of a teething ring!

Very good condition and with a good amount of age, with a nice warm patina and the wood super smooth. There appears to be an old, very well done repair on the loop end of one of the keys, which took me a while to notice and I don't think detracts. (see detailed last  photos) A great housewarming gift, or perfect for the person who wants to rule the world! 7 1/2" long x 2 3/4" wide, x 7/8" deep (ends of keys).