Three Clubs, Antique Playing Cards, Presumed Belgian, Late 18th C.

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I first purchased a batch of heart pips from this very same deck from a seller in Holland, who has been parsing them out a few at a time. When he posted these I snatched them up immediately--I just think they are extraordinarily beautiful! I believe they date to the 1780s or so and are likely Belgian, which was a hub for playing card production in the 18th century, largely for export to England. I just love their imperfectly cut, square edged, elongated rectangular forms, and the lush, true jet black of those gorgeous clubs--the most beautiful suit of the deck I think--bleeding a little around the edges. The backs, printed with a pattern of sun-like faces inside a hexagonal labyrinth, are pretty terrific too. I'd suggest buying the spades along with these to have a bunch of blacks and frame them together. Really lovely things!

Sold as a set of three: 3, 6 & 10, which are the only clubs of this deck that have endured. In very good condition for their age, with wear and staining here and there that I think just makes them more beautiful. No tears or folds. Cards measure just a hair larger than 4 1/4" x 2 1/4" each.