Beautiful Old Set of Divided Cube Teaching Blocks

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I can't find any others out there quite like these, but I'm pretty certain they were used as teaching tools for math many years ago, and they feel very much akin to old geometric solids and the like. I know for sure that I could spend many hours playing around with these, configuring them in different ways, and the large cube, divided in several parts, is very much a puzzling exercise to piece back together once taken apart. It also seems to me that, while they do configure into three cubes of progressive sizes, they are meant to be approached as a whole, with the smaller cubes treated as units that might be configured into something larger (i.e., I think ALL together might make one giant cube?) Tons of sculptural possibilities, and they make excellent pedestals for other things too. I'm guessing these are likely early 20th c. though they have a mid-c Danish modern sort of sensibility too. Fabulous.

When assembled as cubes: small:  3 5/8" cubed; medium: 4 3/4" cubed; large: 5 7/8 cubed. Small cube is solid. Middle cube divides into two parts. Large cube divides into many parts. All in very good condition with nice warmth and super play of grain patterns on the dry wood.