Theorem Style Painting on Paper of Two Birds on Urn

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I think I'd hang this very sweet watercolor on paper theorem-style painting near a favorite reading chair; in a subtle, uncloying way, I find it quite uplifting, and a reminder to take pause and replenish before flying off! 

Theorem painting (also called theorem stencil, Poonah painting, etc.) refers to paintings (most commonly urns filled with fruit) made by applying watercolors through a series of stencils-- onto paper or, very commonly velvet.  In the U.S, these were most commonly made by women, who were taught to make them at academies and boarding schools throughout New England especially. Typically unsigned, and reaching their height of popularity in the mid-1800s, they've continued to me made, though more commonly by known artists.

I am really not sure the age or origins of this piece, which I found in Southern Maine. There is gold paint used for detailing on the green urn. The paper (which is a light cream color) seems to show some age, but is in good shape. Someone not long ago either reframed it or replaced an old backing on the frame with a new piece of foam core, which fits very tightly (I started to remove it, and was able to confirm the piece is unsigned, but did not take it all the way out as I was afraid of tearing the painting; I think I would take it to a framer if wishing to reframe it.) As is the gilded frame is I think a good and traditional fit for it and I'd just leave it alone!

Framed: 10 1/8 x 8 1/4 x 1. The paper size is just shy of that. There is a bit of a glare on a few of the photos.