The Wring is Round It Hath No End, 1856 Ink and Watercolor Love Token Drawing

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"The wring is round It hath no end So is my love To you my friend. Farewell. 1856." How to read that, in those perfectly inked little letters, and not be moved?? And how not to wonder about the nature of that farewell??? I simply do not have the capacity to resist something like this, made all the more special by those two beautifully long fingered hands reaching together at the top of that "wring" to complete the form of a heart--with flowers to either side in the negative space giving the appearance of eyes. And then this cloud like eruption of flowers above, and pattern of dots inside rings (pupils inside eyes?) filling the rest of the heart. 

Framed: 10 1/2 x 9"; sight: 4 3/4 x 3 3/8". Professionally framed as found; and I have not opened it up. Some toning and staining as evident, and just a minor bit of rippling to the paper near the bottom, not noticeable when hung. Dated 1856, ink on lined paper, found in Upstate NY.