The Perfectly Good Cynics Calendar 1908 Edition

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The beautiful production of this 1908 edition of "The Perfectly Good Cynics Calendar with Astronomical Attachment" belies its contents, which are utterly fun and often quite ridiculous! Woven together are distorted proverbs, sardonic quotes, guides to the heavens (complete with hilarious star maps) and faux-astrological advisements for each month of the year (i.e. "June 27-Avoid Bridesmaids; December 23-Avoid Expense" etc.), with other little amusing bits and fabulous illustrations throughout. Created in 1903 as a lark among three writer/artist/architect friends (Oliver Herford, Ethel Watts Mumford, and Addison Miznersee), and published by Paul Elder and Company, New York, it become quite a popular little book and so was produced for years to come.

A terrific gift for your favorite cynic or the friend who takes their star readings a bit too seriously! Very good condition. The fabric bound cover was hand-done; I have seen a few other copies and the fabric is different on each! A little wear to the fabric on the bottom corner of the spine, and a small bend to the top corner of the last few pages. 5 7/8" tall x 4 1/4" wide x 5/8" thick.