The Perfect Consomme Antique British Hand-painted Postcard

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Definitely one of my favorite old hand-painted postcards I've found, and making me hungry! The wonderfully painted, sprawling bounty of produce certainly covers all the bases for making a beautiful broth, and then there it is, at near left, served up in a consomme cup decorated with what I'd guess is meant to be a coat of arms, and with a fantastic yellow halo or crown around it! Ta da! 

The painting, earlyish 20th century, is signed JD at bottom right, and clearly they put in a lot of effort, with pencil sketching visible under the watercolor. The back is unused, making this is a perfect gift for a favorite chef, or invitation to a very special dinner party! There is a fine crease that runs horizontally across the center, which doesn't really seem like a fold mark, and I honestly don't think detracts; otherwise minor stains and in  very good condition. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2".