The New York View Co Antique Stereoview, Tree Lined Path

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I have found myself actively looking at antique Stereoviews of late, which I had not paid a lot of prior attention to since there are so many relatively uninteresting ones one has to weed through—but then of course weeding through piles is my specialty! I am mostly searching for ones I think are interesting formally, and images that are all the more—much more, really—interesting for being (just off) doubled and placed side by side. And I think that is much the case here, where a new island of trees is created at center through the juxtaposition of right and left rows, terminating in a point in the near foreground in a way that perfectly counterpoints the opening of the seemingly infinite path in the far distance. 

6 7/8" x 4 1/4" and in good condition with general edge wear. 1880s I believe. Detail is super sharp and crisp.