The Little Plunderer, Early 19th C. Staffordshire Child's Mug

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Another antique Staffordshire child's mug, because I can't get enough of these, though I'm increasingly picky about  the ones I like. In this case it's the title--"the little plunderer" that drew me--because plundering seems as much of the moment as it ever was! The particular plunderer in question here, though, seems not to be this fancified boy but rather the bird perched on his finger--though it seems quite likely there's satire at play here, or scapegoating, as this little bird seems a far cry from a plundering bird of prey!

2 9/16" t x 2 11/16" w; 3 1/2" across at handle. Good overall condition, with one chip around the bottom rim on the handle side.