The Icicle, 1851, With Inside Cover Drawing By Nellie Adams

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I'm always opening old books in hopes of finding drawings inside, which doesn't happen very I was delighted to find this little charmer of a pencil drawing of Nellie's "Album" inside this pretty little 1851 copy of "Icicle". The book, which I admit I have not read, was published by Lane &. Scott, New York for the Sunday School Union of the Episcipal Church on Mulberry Street and includes a marbleized paper cover and a few full page illustrations. But for me it is the drawing that sells it! And on the opposite inside page a note that it was a birthday present to Betsey Adams (Nellie) from her friend Dorinda Conant, dated 1856.

4 3/8" x 3" x 1/4", 77 pages. Plenty of wear, looseness to the binding, one torn page, and dark staining on the title page (which I find pretty beautiful), but the drawing is in very good shape.