The Happiest Old Folk Art Wooden Box or Planter Ever

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As I just ate my first freshly picked strawberry of the season, I’m thinking it is a strawberry this happy guy has on his head, including for the fact that there is a little texture carved into it, though it seems it also could be an apple. And while I took it for a planter, it occurs to me now that one might use him, or one of the chimneys, as a handle and take it out berry picking. Or leave it on the counter filled it with a few apples. Or fill it with crayons. Just great in every detail, with fantastic, perfectly aged color, and a great patten of old nails showing through the blue paint on each short side.

9 1/4” t x 7 1/4” w x 5 1/8” d and in great structural condition with no issues at all.