The Embossing Co Huge 1930s No. 44 Boxed Set of 81 Color Cubes

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This is the largest boxed set of Color Cubes that was ever produced by The Embossing Company, c. 1930s, and I must say having 81 cubes to design with makes it feel HUGE, and super luxurious, with a massively expanded scope of pattern possibilities. The underside of the box lid--which does nothing more than rest on top of the box at this point--is worth keeping around for the many dozens of design suggestions it presents. And the bottom of the box is the first I've seem with wood sides. The wooden blocks themselves were hand-painted, and seem to be just  a hair larger in size than later iterations. The blocks themselves are in great shape.  

81 blocks. Box measures 10 5/8" x " x 10 5/8" x 1 1/4". Blocks are 1 1/8" cubed. Box shows tons of wear and water damage, though the bottom half remains sturdy for holding/storing them. I, though, would lay them out on the coffee table and never put them away!