Terrific, Large 19th C. Building Blocks Set with Wonderful Box Lid Repairs

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I leapt for this large huge blocks set before I even opened the box--just look at those repairs to the lid, turning it into a patchwork quilt of sorts, and succeeding very very well in holding it together for the long term! These old slide lids with heavy blocks inside are notorious for splitting, but if only they all were given such love along the way as this I think we'd see a lot more sets still together. Clearly someone really cherished these, and I'd bet back in the early part of the 20th century they saw a lot of play, but then I think they were stored away for many more years. The set is nearly complete, stacked two layers deep, with enough blocks--rectangles of various lengths as well as columns and squares--to build all sorts of ambitious things. The lid reads "Childs Delight"  Set No. 25, late 19th c. I believe.

Box measures 14 1/2" x 10" w x 2 5/8" t. Lid repairs as evident, very very much to the good and sturdy now. One split in the bottom but not impacting soundness of the box. Blocks are in very good condition.